It was a difficult Summer for many in our church family, but as is so often the case, the Lord’s strength was reveled through our weakness and we’ve seen many encouraging signs of His work lately. I want to thank all those who did such a great job while many in our team were off work, and in particular, I want to thank, Angela, Bill, Kirsten, Phil and Michelle for their singing and playing on Sundays.

I’m so pleased to welcome Robert and Tami back to the team after their surgeries (actually ‘surgerieses’) and also Rev’d. Connie after her sabbatical as she begins her new role as Pastoral Care Minister. All of the staff love to meet and pray with people, we’re all pastors, but Connie has a particular gifting and has always been someone that I’ve relied on when I need to talk, so I’m pleased that this will be her new primary focus.

Summer is a time of simplicity and rest. Because so many of us travel, we always plan a series that is clear to the point of repetition. This Summer, we heard that coming to faith is easy and takes nothing more than to accept the free gift of God’s grace.

But the reality of living out our faith can be a lot more muddled, so this Fall, in our new series, I Doubt It: Christian Living in a Confused World, I want to look at the reality of living out our faith with its many grey areas. Life can be difficult, it can even be dull, albeit punctuated with color, and whatever is going on, we all doubt.

CS Lewis once said, and I paraphrase, that even the most committed Christians have hours of doubt but by the same token even the most ardent atheists have fleeting moments where they wonder if there is more to life than this.

So this season we’re going to see what tender things God says in his word about doubts and doubters and I hope, as was the case this Summer, that some of you will feel able to share aspects of your own story and journey of faith with the rest of us.

In the Adult Forum, a short study in the Parish Hall between our morning services, Bob Devlin will be teaching more deeply on the passages of the day and alternate weeks the preacher will do the same or, in my case, also look at some specific doubts that I’ve been asked to address such as what happens to us when we die, or what about those who have not heard the gospel. If you have a specific aspect of your faith that is troubling you, I’d be happy to do some reading and lead a short discussion on that too.

God bless,
Rev’d Alex

Sept. ’17