Front row: Bill Gordon (Secretary), Kris Kann, Anne Malone (Senior Warden), George Beluk (Treasurer), Catherine Parham (Junior Warden), Tom Miller, Becky Jordan Lowe
Back row: Joe Nawrocki, Bob Devlin

The eldership of our church is known as a Vestry Committee. It takes its (slightly unusual sounding) name from the vesting room of an old church where committees like this used to meet.

Our Vestry is comprised of nine members of the church each standing for a three-year term. Together, they are responsible for our property and finances and they also help set the vision of the church and provide confidential support and advice to the staff team.

If you have a question about anything in our church, you can always approach any of members of the Vestry at a weekend service. If they cannot answer your question immediately, they will be happy to find out or raise anything of concern to you at one of our regular meetings.