What do Bible Jeopardy, Flour Jousting, Interactive Prayer Chapel,  feeding the homeless, Christian Hip Hop, Aliens, Scripture study, Pizza, Bubble Gum sculpture, cutting brush in the woods, Disgusting Twister,  Barth’s theory of Atonement,  Extreme Rock Paper Scissors, and the Nicene Creed all have in common?  They are all things we have experienced in youth group at Christ Church Fox Chapel!

Our mission at Christ Church is to help youth discover the gospel for themselves, so they know the forgiveness and grace that was  accomplished by Jesus  on the cross.  Our youth group is a safe and supportive community of young people from several different neighborhoods and schools. Our fellowship is marked by laughter, real sharing, and deep learning. We engage in different forms of  outreach throughout the year to show the love of Christ to our neighbors.

The Lowdown:

Anyone in grades 6 to 12, both members and non-members of Christ Church Fox Chapel

a meal, teaching and fellowship—and FUN!!!

In our dedicated youth building—the Discipleship House

Every Saturday night from 7-9pm

We have fun! Come join us!

Please contact our Youth Minister with any questions:
The Reverend Canon Tracey Russell


2017 Youth Mission Trip

In June of 2017, 20 teens and six adults from our congregation drove to Lake Charles, Louisiana to work for the Christian organization Friend Ships. Friend Ships is dedicated to fulfilling the biblical mandate to help people in need regardless of ethnicity, religion, political affiliation, or age. They have a small fleet of ships that are packed full of food, clothing, medical and shelter supplies ready to respond to a call for help, internationally or locally. The team assisted with getting a ship ready for its next mission—scraping rust, painting, and cleaning, as well as organizing and packing supplies in the warehouses—all while living and working on the boat, with the existing crew of volunteer missionaries. It was an amazing time of spiritual growth—and fun!—for all. Click here to see a video chronicle!

We’ll make another trip to Friend Ships June 16-25, 2018!