I ❤ Blawnox is a Fresh Expression of church held in the community of Blawnox, and sponsored by Christ Church Fox Chapel. Our mission is to serve the community and to bring them the love of Christ. As a Fresh Expressions ministry, our first duty is to listen to the members of the community in order to hear what they need and want from our ministry team. As we form relationships and encourage conversations, we hope to introduce people, or re-introduce people, to the CEO of our ministry, Jesus Christ. Our goal is to form a new Christian community centered around service, discipleship, and worship. Currently our ministry team is holding weekly Ultimate Frisbee games (May-August), monthly Family Movie Nights, and weekly Bible studies in Blawnox. Interested in hearing more? Contact our pastor, The Rev. Tracey Russell, visit www.freshexpressionsus.org, and like us on Facebook at I-❤ Blawnox.